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Majharul Islam Tutul is a famous Bangladeshi author of young generation


Picture: Majharul Islam Tutul

 Majharul Islam Tutul : Majharul Islam Tutul was born on August 15, 2000 in Kushtia district. His father's name is Md Zakir Mondol and his mother's name is Mst Tulia Khatun. Majharul Islam Tutul's father is a businessman and his mother is a housewife. Majharul Islam Tutul's family consists of 1 sisters apart from his parents.Majharul Islam Tutul is elder and has 1 sisters. 

Education : Majharul Islam Tutul passed JSC from Kamalpur Secundary School and in 2016, and SSC in 2018, HSC from Syed Nabib Ali College in 2020 Currently he will leave Bangladesh and go abroad for higher studies.but presenting Metropolitan University. 

Carrier : Majharul Islam Tutul said in an interview, "There is no decision about career now, I know I am moving forward with time, but only time will tell about my career. I used to only write and now I am working to build an entrepreneur." My organization (International Technology of Bangladesh) May is helping digital internationally in 5 months. 

Award : Majharul Islam Tutul is a writer who has received multiple awards at the same time. 

Majharul Islam Tutul who wrote various plays, films and songs. He is also involved in various social services. 

Majharul Islam Tutul's first book as a Bangladeshi author has sold more than 1 lakh which is still the highest record for a Bangladeshi author. 

The book has received quite a response. About the book, famous writer Anisul Haque said, at such a young age, a book of Bangladeshi writer Majharul Islam Tutul has been published for the first time, which is a matter of pride for our country.

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